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The DV8 by Buzz-On is a yo-yo that was never officially released on the market.

Based on the Menehune, the DV8 is a small diameter plastic bodied yo-yo with wide snap-on aluminum weight rings, similar to those of the Element X, that could be glued onto the body for a tight fit and extra protection. Only 100 pre-production models (ID numbered 00 to 99) were ever made and distributed throughout the United States in December 2004. The production version of the DV8, which was slated to be released in 2005, would have had rounded weight rings, whereas the pre-production units had flat rings.

However, the DV8 never made it into production, due to patent issues with YoYoJam, and the pre-production units had since become popular and sought-after yo-yos for many collectors. Each DV8 came with a certificate of authenticity. The side pogs came in two different designs. The first one featured a red, hockey mask-like skull with the ID number in the eyes. The second pog design depicts a stylized skull with red eyes against a checkerboard background, accompanied by two 8 balls. 

In 2009, Arizona-based YoYoFactory resurrected the flat-rimmed profile of the pre-production DV8's, in the form of a full-metal yo-yo, the DV888.



  • The DV8's name is a pun on the term "deviate", which means to depart from an established course.