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The Element X is Buzz-On Industries' flagship yo-yo. While it is not their first-ever yo-yo, it is definitely their most widely known and used. The Element X is a Butterfly-shaped yo-yo with a small bearing and aluminum "energy rings" placed inside the outer edges for more weight and added spin time. It used friction sticker response on the inner walls of the yo-yo.

Since then, the Element X has evolved greatly. At one time, they were produced with Buzz-On's patented SPR kits pre-installed, but these sit on top of the inner walls. Buzz-On then began producing the Element X with the SPR spacers recessed into the inner walls, producing much more desirable results in terms of performance.

At its height, the yo-yo was available in three variations: the original Element X (small bearing SPR), the Element X Remix (medium bearing SPR), and the Element X Playa (large bearing SPR). There was also a small run of "Chop Shop" edition Element Xs, which featured the original small bearing configuration without the SPR kits, along with with unique sticker recesses that had a thin groove cut deeper inside the recess. This allowed the user to choose any from number of response options, including: recessed stickers, O-rings, silicone, or any combination of the aforementioned.

For some time, there were many complaints made about the Element X due to the yo-yo wobbling and the aluminum weight rings falling out. Since then, Buzz-On has addressed many of these issues and produced what many players regarded as a quality product.

A U.S. Nationals edition yo-yo was made in 2003, along with an MWR edition in 2004, as well as in 2005.

Also produced was the Element X Pro, released in 2004. It was a wider and heavier variation of the standard Element X, featuring a KonKave bearing from Dif-e-Yo, also coming included with a set of spare energy rings and an extra friction pad. It is a one-time release, of which only 200 yo-yos were made, making it one of the rarest Element X versions out there.


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