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C3yoyodesign is Hong Kong's first manufacturer of high-end yo-yos, started in 2009 by Walter Wong, Ron Chan, and Simpson Wong. Prior to founding C3, the three had experience as top yo-yo players. The company had its start with its founders traveling the world and taking amazing yo-yo photos, videos, etc. and nicely synthesizing the content through their social media channels. Their efforts to promote yo-yoing had not only spanned the globe, but also in Hong Kong, where the company helped to organize local yo-yo events and contests.

In 2011, C3yoyodesign was officially established as a manufacturer, also sponsoring players not just from Asia, but also from Europe and North America. The popularity that the company had accumulated has brought it into the spotlight as one of the top manufacturers of yo-yos in the world.

Yo-yos produced

Team C3yoyodesign


  • Chen Gang
  • Ma Yi
  • Yuen Jia Jun
  • Jacob Cheng Hong Ye
  • Zhou Bo Wen


  • David Molnar

Hong Kong

  • Denny Ko Kwan Ho
  • Ng Wang Kit
  • Peter Pong Si Yee
  • Terence Wong Chun Tak
  • Leo Chan Matsumoto
  • William Chow Chin Ching


  • Shinya Kido
  • Shotaro Masuda
  • Shion Araya
  • Rei Iwakura
  • Sora Ishikawa
  • Ryo Yamashita
  • Yamoto Fujiwara


  • Julia Aleksandra Gutowska


  • Chua Wei Xuan


  • Gabriel Szalay

South Africa

  • Corli du Toit

United States of America

  • Alina Yuan LiQi

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