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The BTH is a yo-yo produced by C3yoyodesign, released in 2012. Only 140 limited production units were ever made, each coming with a certificate of authenticity.


Weighing in at an extremely heavy 220 grams, the BTH had set an extraordinarily long sleeper record of 30 minutes and 28.3 seconds at the 2012 World Yo-Yo Contest.

The yo-yo's puck-like body is made of 6061 aluminum with internal copper weight rings, and it also has a 10-ball stainless steel C-bearing. Combine this with the body's massive weight, and you get the kind of yo-yo that you could practically spin at the end of the string forever! It also features the usual C3yoyodesign silicone pad response in the 19mm OD "Large Slim" size.

Because of the weight, it cannot be used for looping or even string play, as the BTH was designed specifically to set long sleeper records.


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