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Manufacturer C3yoyodesign
Release date 2015
Shape H-Shape
Color White
Weight 103.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 77.06mm
Width: 65.21mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C
Response system C3 Silicone Pads (Large Slim)

The Flawless is a yo-yo released in 2015 by C3yoyodesign as a signature series model of Rei Iwakura.


The Flawless is a delrin offstring yo-yo that is designed specifically for the creative playing style of five-time concurrent World 4A Champion (as of 2017) and former Team YoYoJam member Rei Iwakura. Prior to leaving YoYoJam and joining C3yoyodesign's player team, Iwakura had conducted plenty of field research in developing a yo-yo that would fit his style, as well as to set new standards in offstring play. Choosing the Neo Solar as a base model, Iwakura redesigned the yo-yo. As a result, the new yo-yo is 5mm wider and 21.5 grams heavier. Despite the hefty additional weight, the Flawless boasted incredible stability and the texture of its body can be felt during mounts and passes.

It flies straight and true, making repeater and trick combos come more naturally with much less difficulty. The yo-yo is quite effective for orbits, making it perfectly suited for Soloham, that which Rei Iwakura himself is skilled in. The Flawless also comes included with a pair of thin spacers, in addition to the thick spacers already installed on the yo-yo. The user can adjust the string gap by using the thick spacers at default, swap in the thin spacers, or mix the two thicknesses together for their preferred string gap width setting.


  • It is the second signature yo-yo of Rei Iwakura, the first being the YoYoJam Rextreme series. 




C3yoyodesign Presents Rei Iwakura - Flawless

Flawless promo video feat. Rei Iwakura. Video by the C3yoyodesign YouTube Channel


2015JN Final 4A 01 Rei Iwakura

Rei Iwakura performing at the 2015 Japan Nationals using the Flawless. Video by yoyovideoarchive