YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer C3yoyodesign
Release date 2013
Shape H-Shape
Color White
Weight 72.6 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 75.26mm
Width: 53.35mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size A
Response system C3 Silicone Pads (CBC Small)

The Gaia is a yo-yo by C3yoyodesign, released in 2013 as a signature series yo-yo of Jeon Ji Hwan.


The Gaia is a delrin offstring yo-yo like the earlier Solar and Solar Plus, but it is a whole different beast altogether. Starting with the body profile, it is sharp and straight with inverse inner steps that creates a sort of an H-shape. On the sides are special grooves to allow for finger spins. These features serve to reduce the friction that causes sleep loss. It also features an A-sized bearing for maximum spin while avoiding any unwanted tangles in the string. It also comes included with two sets of spacers; two thick spacers (installed by default) and two thin spacers, all for adjusting the Gaia's string gap width for different feelings of play. There is a drawstring bag included with the Gaia for storage purposes. It was designed for Jeon Ji Hwan's playing style, not only handling long, complex trick combos and easy recoveries, but also quick regenerations and horizontal-style play.