YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer C3yoyodesign
Release date 2015
Shape Convex/Standard
Color Various
Weight 54 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 58.64mm
Width: 36mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size K
Response system Starburst

The Initiator is a yo-yo released by C3yoyodesign in 2015. It is their first ever looping/2A-oriented yo-yo.


C3yoyodesign had collaborated with three-time concurrent World 2A Champion Takuma Yamamoto and Hong Kong 2A Champion Chan Chun Hey in the developmental and testing stage of the Initiator. All of this is to create a yo-yo that could support players of all skill levels with minimal fuss and world-class looping performance. For this, the yo-yo comes included with two sets of bearing spacers, one made of POM (polyoxymethylene) plastic, and the other made of metal. Its convex shape fits comfortably in the hand and provides a great feeling when looping.

The Initiator has the metal spacers pre-installed, set for beginning players by default, and the included string is a bit on the slim side, ideal for practicing string tricks such as Man on the Flying Trapeze and the Braintwister. However, the yo-yo's true potential shines through in 2A play when the plastic spacers are swapped in, with fast, smooth responsiveness belying its very long sleep times, which makes it ideal for looping and wraps.

All in all, the Initiator is a yo-yo that stays with its user as he/she became more skilled as time went on, from the basic tricks to two-handed looping, especially on the competitive stage.

In 2016, C3 released a revised version of the Initiator, made of a tougher plastic with a more durable axle system and better bearing spacers. Along with that, it was used as a base for the very expensive Cerevo 7-Magic yo-yo.