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The Mega Crash is a collection model yo-yo released in 2018 by C3yoyodesign.


Based on the Gamma Crash, the Mega Crash was originally designed as a special performance yo-yo for the Hong Kong-based Let's Yo team.

With 22.99mm added to the diameter, the Mega Crash dwarfs normal-sized 1A yo-yos at 80mm in diameter, as much as a typical offstring yo-yo. This allows it to be a real attention-grabber in the right hands.

Because of its size, combined with its stainless steel rims, the Mega Crash has an immensely powerful spin that it should only be thrown with caution. If the user were to throw it with the same kind of power as they would with a standard-sized yo-yo, it would quickly and strongly return to their hand. A lighter throw is all that would be needed for long sleeping.

It is recommended by Rewind to use long and thick strings, such as the K-String Tall Fat, to get the most out of it.

Another unique design element lays in the body material in relation to colorways. Clear Mega Crashes have polycarbonate bodies, while Mega Crashes in solid colors are made with POM bodies.

Each Mega Crash also comes included with a drawstring bag for storage.