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Neo Gaia
Manufacturer C3yoyodesign
Release date 2014
Shape H-Shape
Color White
Weight 73 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 71.26mm
Width: 50.73mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size A
Response system C3 Silicone Pads (CBC Small)

The Neo Gaia is a yo-yo released in 2014 by C3yoyodesign.


This is the redesigned version of the Gaia. It is smaller than the original, but still maintains its predecessor's weight and characteristics with no loss of controllability or its famed sharp feeling of play from the design change. The Neo Gaia's reduced size may take some getting used to, but like its predecessor, it is the kind of yo-yo for offstring players that favor speedy play and big trick combos.

It also comes with two sets of bearing spacers, two thin and two thick (installed by default), so that the user could adjust the string gap width to his or her own personal preferences and playing style. However, it does not come included with the drawstring bag this time.


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