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The Solar was C3yoyodesign's first offstring yo-yo and a signature series model of Lee Kin Lok, first released in 2011.


Similar in construction to the Halo, the Solar is made out of delrin. It featured an Inverse Round profile that smoothed out to a rounded wing boasting a wide catch zone to make difficult landings on the string much easier.

It also features the same axle system as the Halo, and because it is an offstring yo-yo, it makes for a markedly different spin on that familiar playing feeling. It has a mature and subdued design, but with a vigorous spin right out the gate. It also features a large C-bearing and silicone pads from C3.




C3yoyodesign Delrin Offstring 4A Yoyo - Solar Testing Clip

Test video for the Solar. Video by the official C3yoyodesign YouTube channel