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Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works (Better known as CLYW for short) is a Canadian return top manufacturer owned by Chris Mikulin. CLYW was initially created by Chris Mikulin and Paul Wallace. Paul Wallace has since left to focus on his yo-yo string company G-String. CLYW's first yo-yo was The Peak, it was a joint creation of Paul and Chris.

At one point in time, they were threatened with a lawsuit by Papa's Toy Co. Ltd over the use of the term "yo-yo" in their company name, due to Papa's owning the rights to the term "yo-yo" in Canada. This had forced Caribou Lodge to change the company name a little, nowadays going only by their initials (CLYW).

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Return Tops[]

Basecamp (collaboration with YoYoFactory)[]


  • Snow Tires (silicone response pads)
  • Pixel Bearing (CLYW x iYoYo collaboration)

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