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Manufacturer CLYW
Release date 2009-2010
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 65 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 52.5mm
Width: 41mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Original: Size A
Later Model: Size C
Response system Original: CLYW Silicone Sticker
Later Model: Flowable Silicone (Large Broad)

The Bassalope by CLYW is the first signature return top of Sebastian Brock when he had first joined the CLYW player team. It was also the first return top by CLYW to use a small bearing with a singular silicone pad for bind response.

It also has unique ridges on the outside face of the hub. At sixty-five grams, it shares the same weight as the Wooly Marmot. The Bassalope also has Sebastian's name inscribed on the rims, making it one of the few CLYW return tops to feature laser engravings.

The later version of the Bassalope was redesigned with a large C-bearing and 21mm OD (Large Broad) grooves for flowable silicone response.



Later Model[]

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