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The Big Dipper is a plastic return top first released worldwide on February 18th, 2016 by CLYW. It is a signature series return top of 2015 World 1A Champion Zach Gormley.


Based on the profile of the Borealis, the prototype of which was used by Zach Gormley to win the World 1A Championship title at the 2015 Worlds, the Big Dipper is a plastic rendition. It is made of a tough and durable polycarbonate with some tweaks and adjustments to the original design help it translate well into the new material.

It can handle any trick the user throws at it, proving it worthy of Gormley's signature, and is complimented with artwork by Mike Lundy from Edmonton. Typical of the CLYW line-up, the Big Dipper features a large Center Trac bearing and CLYW's own silicone Snow Tire response system.


  • The Big Dipper is named after the constellation, Ursa Major (meaning "Great Bear"), which is also known as the Big Dipper. This is also referenced in the packaging artwork by Mike Lundy.
  • It is their second plastic return top after the Yeti.


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