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Manufacturer CLYW
Release date March 3rd, 2016
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 65.1 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 55.4mm
Width: 44.2mm
Material Aluminum with stainless steel rims
Bearing size Size C KonKave Ceramic
Response system CLYW Snow Tires

The Blizzard is a return top released by CLYW on March 3rd, 2016 at 10:00 PM (EST). It is the first signature return top of Andrew Maider.


Designed jointly by CLYW owner Chris Mikulin and team player Andrew Maider, the Blizzard is CLYW's very first bi-metal return top, comprised of an organically-shaped aluminum body with stainless steel outer rims. The shape itself is designed to take advantage of the weight, so that it could play light, fast and powerful to meet the demands of the rising star player. It is truly a modern competition return top for those who need an extra edge on stage or for those who want a little bit more power out of their everyday throw.

The Blizzard also features silicone Snow Tire response. However, instead of the usual Center Trac bearing, it comes stock with an officially-licensed Dif-e-Yo ceramic KonKave bearing, also helping the return top to spin for much longer.


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