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CLYYW Campfire G&Y
Manufacturer CLYW
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 63 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 48mm
Width: 35mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C
Response system Flowable Silicone (compatible with Snow Tires)

The Campfire by CLYW is their answer to an inexpensive pocket return top. It had been designed with a minimalistic style to help achieve a lower price tag for the everyday player. The design changes include a smaller diameter axle hub, as well as leaving off the IRG lip. It still uses the essentials for unresponsive play, such as flowable silicone response and a C-bearing.

The Campfire's name comes from a Facebook message between Chris Mikulin, the owner of CLYW and John Higby. The message was of a dream that John had, that CLYW designed a plastic return top and called it the "Campfire". Chris was so inspired by this name (and since they were a ways out from designing a plastic return top) that he felt that it would be the perfect name for their new model.



  • Coincidentally, CLYW would develop and release their first plastic return top in 2013, the Yeti.

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