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Manufacturer CLYW
Release date May 2016
Shape Step Round
Color Various
Weight 64.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 56.5mm
Width: 44.05mm
Material Aluminum with stainless steel weight rings
Bearing size Size C KonKave
Response system CLYW Snow Tires

The Igloo is a return top by CLYW first released in May 2016. It is the first signature series return top of Michael Kurti.


Michael Kurti, a member of the CLYW player team, is renowned in the contest scene for pulling off highly difficult and very long trick combos. Designed in collaboration by Kurti and company owner Chris Mikulin, and building on the legacy of the Blizzard, the new Igloo is designed for tackling such a style. It features a bi-metallic composition of a 6061 aluminum body with stainless steel weight rings placed inset into the body, with a Step Round body shape that CLYW's fans would come to know and love. It also features an officially-licensed KonKave C-bearing from Dif-e-Yo and silicone Snow Tire response.

Working with Kurti to gather up his favorite aspects of CLYW return top designs, Mikulin pushed the Igloo's weight distribution to make it the most stable and longest spinning possible within Kurti's specifications.


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