YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer Came-Yo
Release date Late 1990s
Shape Modified
Color Various
Weight 52.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 60mm
Width: 25mm
Material Aluminum with rubber rings
Bearing size Size E
Response system None

The Moonstar by Came-Yo is an aluminum yo-yo that was the predecessor to the Mondial. It is made of anodized aluminum and, like the Tom Kuhn SB-2, originally featured only anodized inner walls for response. It can be used with the Turbo Discs from Tom Kuhn, making it play like the newer SB-2's. One unique feature of the yo-yo is the "tires", a set of four rubber rings meant to protect the coating when walking the dog, as well as providing centrifugal weights on the sides. When the tires on the rims are taken off, there are little grooves in the rims, which allowed the yo-yo to grind on the string.


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