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Yo-yo contests are held all over the world, with the first world yo-yo contest happening in England in 1932. At each competition there are different divisions that players compete in. Some divisions are based on different styles of play. Some regional contests are used as a way to seed a player into the finals for a national contest. Throughout the world there are many contest that are fun and entertaining for all.

Trick Ladder[]

The Trick Ladder or sport ladder is a common category at many modern contests. The list of tricks performed is ordered in a steadily increasing difficulty. Trick ladders are intended for less experienced yo-yoers to allow them the experience of a good old fashion yo-yo contest. Most contests do not allow people to compete in both the trick ladder and the main event.


Many yo-yo competitions feature a trick list where competitors are given points for their ability to successfully complete each of the tricks. This is often combined with a freestyle round, so the competitors with the highest scores go through to do freestyles. The compulsory system has been discontinued at nearly all major contests in favor of preliminary freestyles.


Another common feature of yo-yo competitions is a freestyle. This is a routine, typically three minutes long set to music. This allows yo-yoers to demonstrate their yo-yoing ability and originality. Some contest allow an extra 15 seconds to allow players to try their BIG tricks. Freestyles are very fun to watch.

Artistic Performance[]

Another interesting contest element is the Artistic Performance (or AP). Players combine what they know into a freestyle but include a skit or play along with their yo-yoing skills. It creates an interesting (usually funny) skit to watch. There is usually not a firm time limit. Like freestyles, Artistic Performances are fun to watch.

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For more information on upcoming contest or past contest results, please visit YoYoContest.com.

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