Cliff Coleman has been a professional Yo-yoer and Skateboarder for many years. Coleman toured with and was a member of Team High Performance of Hawaii. Coleman was one of the yo-yoers showcased on SuperYo’s Kickin Tricks video. Coleman was an early innovator of behind the back tricks, most notably his behind the back triple or nothing.

Coleman was also a professional skateboarder known for his sliding techniques. He invented the Coleman slide and has been featured in Thrasher magazine,he was even included in their twenty-fifth anniversary special edition.

In 2000 Coleman won The National Achievement Award at the US National Yo-Yo Museum during the US National Yo-Yo Contest for his efforts to improve and positively influences the sport and the industry of yo-yoing.

Tricks Invented

  • Behind the Back Triple or Nothing
  • Bird in Hand
  • Brad (AKA One-Handed Trapeze)
  • Houdini Drop (created by Cliff Coleman, named by Mark McBride )
  • Johnny Around the Corner on the Trapeze
  • Through the Tunnel Trapeze
  • Under the Leg Trapeze



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