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Named for a type of slightly strange and unsanctioned street bike race, the Alleycat was designed with input from several of the Modern Responsive luminaries including Drew Tetz, Ed Haponik, and Nate Sutter.

Originally designed to use Duncan Friction Sticker response, the first run was ultimately shipped with Chaz Pads as the Friction Stickers had become unavailable. Core Co eventually came up with Core Co Response Pads as a sustainable replacement.

While designed for responsive play, under the response stickers are recessed 19mm slim pads to allow an unresponsive configuration (with a clean bearing).

This design had hex hubs that were inspired by the classic Tom Kuhn designs such as the No-Jive, but they proved to be a controversial "feature" that were not included in the redesigned Alleycat 650b.

Core Co's blog post about the history of the Alleycat.