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Custom Mag 1
Manufacturer Custom Products
Release date Late 1990s
Shape Modified
Color Various
Weight 55 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 57mm
Width: 27mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Original: Size G Custom
2008 onwards: Size A
Response system 1st and 2nd series: Tapered gap
3rd series: Performance Rings

The Mag series by Custom Products in Gilbert, Arizona was a popular model of high-end metal yo-yo's in the late 1990's during the yo-yo boom. The Mag was unique from its the others, as the different models had intricate rotationally symmetrical designs cut into the sides of the yo-yo, which caused them to resemble automobile wheels. A series of two different designs were introduced each year, along with a limited edition serial-numbered matched set including both designs. These sets were always offered in anodized black and were often the only Mags offered in black. The 1st and 2nd series of MAGs used a tapered gap for response, but the 3rd and final series incorporated Custom's Performance Ring response pads. Because Custom's yo-yos used an extremely small G-sized bearing, they were a popular choice for Beefcaking (adding a second bearing to widen the string gap to allow for more advanced tricks).

This yo-yo was eventually discontinued in 2013-2014.

MAG variants by Series[]

Series 1: 5-Star and Cyko[]

  • 5-Star: Features star shapes, making it resembling a five-spoked car wheel
  • Cyko: A trio of comet-shaped holes encircling the axle hub in a rightward direction

Series 2: Avenger and Predator[]

  • Avenger: Five radially-arranged holes, something like on a Lamborghini Countach.
  • Predator: N/A

Series 3: Stiletto and Turbine[]

  • Stiletto: N/A
  • Turbine: N/A