Daniel Volk is most recently known for his BOUNCIN’ DAN -- THE PADDLEBALL MAN routine. In his routine he does all sorts of tricks with up to four paddle balls at one time. He has turned a simple children's toy into an art form, dazzling audiences with his paddleball skills. But before this he was and still is a yo-yoer.

In 1976, Volk performed in the short film "33 Yo-Yo Tricks," Directed by Panther White.

By the 1980’s Volk was a great yo-yoer being used by many companies. In 1983, Jack Russell was doing some test marketing and sent out Daniel Volk to Salt Lake City. Here he taught Dale Myrberg some new tricks for there marketing demonstrations. In 1984 Volk appeared on the "Yo-Yo Man" instructional video by the Smothers Brothers. He was the "Yo-Yo Master" that the "Yo-Yo Man",(Tommy) summons to help him achieve the "State of Yo". In the late 80’s Volk appeared on the "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" with other yo-yo greats Dr. Tom Kuhn, Harvey Lowe and of course the "Yo-Yo Man" himself Tommy Smothers.