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Dave Schulte is a professional yo-yo player and a U.S. National Yo-Yo Master from Minnesota. He is often known by his stage name "Dazzling Dave". Dave got a late start as a professional yo-yo player, after graduating college he became a Technology Education teacher. In 1998, he was offered a one-year tour as a full time yo-yo demonstrator and member of Team High Performance by HPK Marketing, and never went back to teaching.

He started his own business in 2000, and is still a full-time yo-yo professional who travels the midwest and the world teaching people how to play yo-yo. He has a series of signature yo-yos to his name, from the auto-returning Inferno from Abbe Toys, to unresponsive metal yo-yos such as the CYYC Flyer and Dif-e-Yo InTernal Turmoil.

Dave also has an extensive yo-yo collection (though not on the level of Lucky Meisenheimer), with examples from various manufacturers such as Duncan, Yomega, YoYoJam, Custom Products, Bandai's Hyper Yo-Yo range, Tom Kuhn/BC, Spintastics, SuperYo, etc.

He was also a member of Team Hyper Viper alongside Jon Gates, to promote the Henrys Hyper Viper yo-yo and offstring play in Japan during the late-90s Hyper Yo-Yo boom.

Signature Yo-yos




  • 2001 Named National Yo-Yo Master
  • 2000 Minnesota State Champion
  • 1999 National A Freestyle 5th place
  • 1999 World Fixed Axle Champion
  • 1998 Northeast Regional Champion
  • 1998 Midwest Regional Champion
  • 1997 Twin Cities Champion
  • 1996 Masters World Champion
  • 1995 Masters Twin Cities Open 2nd place

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