YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer Death By Yo-Yo
Release date 2007
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 65 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 50.2mm
Width: 40.55mm
Material Delrin
Bearing size Size C
Response system Gen 1: Flowable Silicone, Gen 2/3: Silicone O-Stickers

The Gung-Fu is the first yo-yo produced by manufacturer Death By Yo-Yo. It was originally named the "Fa5t-Fu", supposedly a play-on words of the term "fast food" and "kung fu". However, after a controversy with people accusing the founder James Copley of copying the name of YoYoFactory's F.A.S.T. line, he then changed the name to "Gung-Fu".

It is a Butterfly-shaped yo-yo machined out of delrin. It comes with flowable silicone as its response system, but can also accept O-rings and has a slight pad recess that will take response pads. The yo-yo comes in a variety of hand-dyed colorways, as well. It also has spikes on the sides for Matador-tyle tricks.

(Gen 2) Gung-Fu[]

The Second Generation (Gen 2) Gung-Fu had a few subtle differences from the first Gen.

  • The response groove was shallower, so it could no longer accept O-rings. It also features Silicone O-Sticker response (According to James, this made the manufacturing process move faster).
  • The surface texture was slightly changed for better grinding, and more vibrant colorways.
  • It came unresponsive out of the package.
  • Slightly changed packaging
  • New colors

(Gen 3) Gung-Fu[]

There was also a Third Generation (Gen 3). Not very many of these were made. They are exactly the same as the Second Generation Gung-Fus, but they are beadblasted.