Dedicated, a DVD of UK yo-yoing was shot and compiled by Arron Sparks (AZA) as a broad record of the UK scene in 2003-2004. It features footage from various locations, including the London 2004 summer meet-up, the 2004 British Juggling Convention, Southampton juggling club, Worlds 2004 and the first Spanish yo-yo convention (Madrid, 2004). Players featured include Iceblade, Ant, The Void, Pezley, Jakeway, Littleman and, of course, Arron himself. To mix things up a bit, Arron also includes some juggling, skating and general messing about.

The DVD was not meant as a teaching aid and certainly doesn't feature the most current or difficult of tricks. However, taken for what it is - a record of events, people and places - it's very enjoyable.