Dell Plastics Co., based in Brooklyn New York manufacturerd yo-yos in the 1960's. Prior to producing yo-yos the company was well known for its plastic toys soldiers and flowers. Seeing the success of Duncan promotions in New York, the company entered the market. Employing a small number of yo-yo demonstrators, the company shadowed the Duncan promotions, as was the case with many smaller yo-yo companies. Although they did produce a number of television commercials, with the catch phrase Buy a Big D, Buy a Big D (with and echo fade) the company didn't spend a large amount of promotions.

All yo-yos produced had a plastic body and metal axle, packaged in a blister pack with a 1961 copyright. The company, together with Royal, were sued in the 1960's for copyright violations by Duncan. Although Dell didn't use the word yo-yo on their actual products, the word did appear on the blister packaging. Unlike Royal however, Dell opted not to battle Duncan through the courts, rather, they dropped their line of yo-yos.

Yo-Yos Produced

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