Dick Stohr
Dick Stohr.jpg

Alias That Yo-Yo Guy
Resides Springfield, Virginia
Affiliation AYYA
YoYoStyle 1A
Playing Since (please complete)
Known for Yo-yoing

Dick Stohr also know as That Yo-Yo Guy is a professional yo-yo performer from Springfield, Virginia. He has been performing full time since 1997 and runs the Peanut Festival yo-yo contest. He has also been on the AYYA (American Yo-yo Association) Board of Directors.

Stohr has set six yo-yo World Records and has been a yo-yo contest judge at World, National, Regional, State and local contests since 1999. Stohr started playing with yo-yos in elementary school in the 1950's. He quit his day job to become That Yo-Yo Guy in 1997. He does the Spintastics Science of Spin & Yo-Yo Fun teaching program in elementary schools and libraries in the summer. He also performs at parties, festivals, scout meetings, Trade Shows and other fun events.

In 2003 Dick Stohr performed as That Yo-Yo Guy at The National Theater in Washington DC

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  • 2004 National Yo-Yo Contest Achievement Award
  • 2005mr.yoyo
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