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Blind Orbiter
Manufacturer Dif-e-Yo
Release date 2003
Shape Bulge Face
Color Raw Aluminum
Weight Up to 71 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: 35mm
Material Aluminum with removable rubber rings
Bearing size Dif-e-Yo Grooved Bearing
Response system Friction Discs

The Blind Orbiter is a yo-yo released by Dif-e-Yo in 2003. It is a variant of the Orbiter that packed more weight than the original, due to the lack of holes on the sides. However, it still features the grooved bearing, friction disc response, and rubber ring weight adjustment system. While its bulged face shape appears ideal for looping, the yo-yo itself isn't so hot for looping. Due to its construction, it is too heavy for looping. One could only perform string tricks with it.


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