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The Daizzy-Fly is a collector's yo-yo produced by Dif-e-Yo, released in 2002.


The Daizzy-Fly is a performance-oriented variation of the earlier Daizzy-Yo, and is the first Dif-e-Yo product to feature the removable rubber weight ring system that would come to be seen in the later models. It also boasts a wider string gap width, along with Friction Disc response and an orange powdercoated finish, and the stainless steel axle with that distinctive grooved bearing. The text on the yo-yo's body halves is also silkscreened in epoxy.

As with the Daizzy-Yo, only fifty-five serial-numbered units were produced. Along with that, there were ten yellow-colored limited pieces that come in lovely walnut wood containers hand-lathed by Ed Davidson.

The Daizzy-Fly would also become the basis for Frank Difeo's first player yo-yo, the Dif-Fly.

In 2020, Frank Difeo had several Daizzy-Flies listed on his eBay store, some of which were modified to use C-size KonKave bearings and Dif-Pad response.


  • It is the first Dif-e-Yo yo-yo to carry the "-Fly" suffix in its model name.
  • The Daizzy-Fly has the same color as the limited version of the Daizzy-Yo. On the other hand, the limited version of the Daizzy-Fly is yellow like the standard Daizzy-Yo.