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The Daizzy-Yo by Dif-e-Yo is a yo-yo released in January 2002. It was Frank Difeo's very first yo-yo product, made as a limited production collector's model at only 55 serial-numbered units.


The Daizzy-Yo is machined out of billet aluminum with a stainless steel axle, Brake Pad response, an innovative grooved bearing that centers the string for advanced tricks, and a bright yellow powdercoated finish. The text on the yo-yo is silkscreened in epoxy for superb durability against wear, with a possible (at the time) exception for walking the dog.

Also produced was a limited edition version of the Daizzy-Yo, of which only seven units were ever made. It is a different model than with the standard Daizzy-Yo, with a wider string gap and a new Friction Disc response system, redesigned axle hubs, and a bright orange powdercoated finish. Each Limited Daizzy-Yo comes in a purpleheart wood container made by Ed "YoYoSpin" Davidson.

The Daizzy-Yo would soon spawn a performance-oriented model, the Daizzy-Fly, which would become the base model for the Dif-Fly.

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  • The Daizzy-Yo is the only non-Playmaxx/Duncan production yo-yo to use Brake Pad response, not counting any other yo-yos that were modified to use Brake Pads.