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Manufacturer Dif-e-Yo
Release date 2002
Shape Flat Rim
Color Polished Aluminum with black O-rings
Weight Without O-rings: 56 grams
With O-rings: 64 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: 30mm
Material Aluminum with rubber weight rings
Bearing size Original: Dif-e-Yo Grooved Bearing
Later: .500"x.188" KonKave Bearing
Response system Original: Friction Discs
Later: Dif Pads

The Dif-Fly by Dif-e-Yo was the first player yo-yo that Frank Difeo released on the market. The Dif-Fly, based on the earlier Daizzy-Fly, featured a slimline, flat-rimmed shape and removable rubber weight rings on the sides. When the Dif-Fly was first released, it was sold with the grooved bearing, which was previously featured in the earlier Daizzy-Yo and Daizzy-Fly yo-yos. In the later release of the yo-yo, Frank began implementing his revolutionary KonKave bearing with it. Originally, the Dif-Fly used the older Friction Disc response system, but later on, the Dif-Fly is fitted with Dif Pads. The current version of the Dif-Fly has its Dif Pads flush mounted and is thus designated as the Dif-Fly-F.

The Dif-Fly quickly stole the spot light from the Duncan Cold Fusion and the Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 2 as the best Modified-shaped aluminum ball bearing yo-yo. Around the same time though, YoYoJam's composite-material yo-yos were gaining popularity and naturally, Frank's designs changed to accommodate popular demand.

The Dif-Fly's design was also used as the base for the multi-style Spike-Fly and the undersized Zzzip-Fly.

In 2022, Dif-e-Yo released a 20th anniversary upgraded version of the Dif-Fly, known as the Rev-1 Dif-Fly.

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