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Difeo gto sr 01
Manufacturer Dif-e-yo
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color Metallic
Weight 62 grams without rings
Dimensions 1.40" width, 2 1/8" diameter
Material Polished aluminium
Bearing size Large KonKave
Response system Dif-Pads

The Dif-e-Yo GTO is a butterfly yo-yo with a ball bearing. It's made of polished aluminum and weighs 62 grams. The rubber weight rings that are included add another eight grams of weight to the rim.

Since this yo-yo is in between the Sportster and the Wide Sport it has been named Get this one or GTO to help the buyers who wonder which one to get.

The bearing it comes with is a speciality of Dif-e-Yo, the KonKave, and as the name implies, its surface is curved to keep the string centered during play. The string gap is not adjustable, but the friction stickers (called Dif-Pads) for it are available in two different thicknesses (0.3mm and 0.15mm), so you can achieve different levels of response. The GTO comes with thin Dif-Pads installed, which makes it rather unresponsive. The Dif-Pads are not recessed in this model, although most Dif-e-yo models produced since do have recessed pads.




Ever since I learned how to bind, I like my yo-yos unresponsive. So right now I play it with a Slick Eight string and two thin pads and really like it. It is great on string tricks, whips and lacerations (which I am still practicing). I am not much of a grinder, so I can't say much about that.

The weight distribution could be a bit more towards the rim for my taste, but that's very minor. Another thing I noticed, is that the steel axle rod is about 5mm shorter than the space in the halves plus bearing, it is very difficult to keep it centered (and the yo-yo balanced). I solved this, by putting two small pieces of balsa wood (2.5mm each) into each half and this works very well for me.

Pros: Very good bearing, very good on string tricks, looks fabulous

Cons: Dif-Pads not recessed, weight distribution

Bottom line: This is currently my absolute favourite yo-yo (of the roughly fifty yo's in my collection. Big Kudos to Frank for making it and for inventing the KonKave. This is my first Dif-e-Yo, definitely not my last one. Next I plan to get the Bone Chip, as it's roughly the same size as the GTO and has recessed Dif-Pads.

--HB 02:09, 4 Oct 2005 (PDT)