Manufacturer Dif-e-Yo
Release date Original: 2003-2004
Shape Flat Rim
Color Polished aluminum
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: N/A
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C KonKave
Response system .555 Dif Pads
The Gladiator by Dif-e-Yo is a custom, made-to-order yo-yo and an all-aluminum version of the Spike-Fly. It features a KonKave bearing and uses Dif Pad response. Unlike the Spike-Fly, however, its side spikes are machined as part of the yo-yo's body design. Two versions were released, one with solid spikes and one with bearings in the spikes. The Gladiator was also entered at the yo-yo mod contest in the 2004 Worlds.

Dif-e-Yo Gladiator Slave

Gladiator Slave
Manufacturer Dif-e-Yo
Release date 2015
Shape Butterfly
Color Polished
Gold acid wash with blood red splash
Weight 60 to 70 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 53.34mm
Width: 35.94mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C KonKave
Response system Dif-e-Yo Dif-Binders (.555 size)
The Gladiator Slave is the latest yo-yo produced by Dif-e-Yo, first released in 2015. Designed in tribute to the original, but without the side spikes, the Gladiator Slave is a much more modern yo-yo than its predecessor, featuring a wide, flat-rimmed Butterfly shape.

While it boasts a large KonKave C-bearing, it also features a brand new response pad system developed by Dif-e-Yo; silicone Dif-Binders, accompanied by a slightly recessed bearing seat, This would allow for unresponsive play and tight binds.

However, it also features an adjustable weight system of thin rubber rings and two anodized aluminum side pogs, similar to the older collector version of the Wide Load. The yo-yo's base weight is at 60 grams, but by adding in the rubber rings and aluminum pogs however the user pleased, he/she could increase the weight up to a hefty 70 grams. Adjusting the Gladiator Slave's weight also means adjusting its playing characteristics, as well.

It comes in two different finishes; A polished finish, of which only eight units were made, and a gold acid-washed variant with a blood red splash.



Gladiator Slave