YoYo Wiki

Manufacturer Dif-e-Yo
Release date 2010
Shape Butterfly
Color Black
Weight 67 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 53mm
Width: 40mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size C KonKave
Response system .555 Dif Pads

The Juggernaut is a yo-yo produced by Dif-e-Yo in 2010 as the first product of the Hard Knock line.

It has a body profile similar to that of the older Crossbones, and is precisely machined for incredible weight distribution, allowing for a very stable spin. The Juggernaut comes stock with a large KonKave C-bearing and Dif Pad response straight out of the tin for smooth, unresponsive play. It is also finished with Dif-e-Yo's new Mil-Spec Type III anodization in black, complimented by intricate printings on the sides.