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The Rev-1 Dif-Fly is a yo-yo produced and released in 2022 by Dif-e-Yo. It is a 20th anniversary upgraded version of the original Dif-Fly.


The Rev-1 Dif-Fly features a concave, multi-stepped profile with flat rims, and like all Dif-e-Yo designs, is milled, rather than lathed. It also features 0.45 inch deep pockets that accommodate .555 size silicone Dif-Binder pads or flowable silicone. The yo-yo is set up with the Dif-Binders recessed slightly below flush. It also features Dif-e-Yo's signature KonKave bearing. The yo-yo comes included with a pair of rubber o-rings that can be added or removed to adjust the yo-yo's weight.


  • It is the second and last yo-yo by Dif-e-Yo to carry the Rev-1 name, the first being the Rev-1 Overhaul.