Manufacturer Dif-e-Yo (spin top bearing tips produced by YoYoJam)
Release date 2003/2004
Shape Flat Rim
Color Raw Silver (weight rings come in black or blue)
Weight N/A
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: N/A
Material Aluminum with rubber weight rings and plastic spin top bearing tips
(optional rubber rings on the rims)
Bearing size KonKave bearing
Response system .555 Dif Pads
The Spike-Fly is a custom, made-to-order yo-yo produced by Dif-e-Yo. It is a variation of the Dif-Fly with an extended axle section, in order to accommodate YoYoJam spin top bearing tips on the sides. The bearing tips can be pressed in or pulled out, giving players the option of whether or not to use them.

The effect was to produce a very solid and stable yo-yo/spin top hybrid. Willie shows the potential of the Spike-Fly in the highly entertaining video, Metal Madness. The Spike-Fly can also be equipped with rubber rings on the rims, so that it could also be used for offstring (4A) play, making for a versatile, multi-style yo-yo.

Also released was an all-aluminum variant, the Gladiator, which has spikes machined into the sides of the body.

See Also

  • Dif-e-Yo Gladiator - An all-metal version of the Spike-Fly.
  • P213 - DocPop's hybrid spin top/yo-yo design concept.
  • YoYoJam Triple Jam - A multi-style yo-yo made of plastic, rubber, and Heavy Gravity. Usable for 1A/3A/4A/5A.
  • YoYoSpin Terror Tops - One-piece wooden yo-yos with spin top tips on the sides, produced by Ed Davidson.


  • The use of the bearing tips on the sides of the yo-yo could be seen as an early concept of the modern side cap bearings.
  • In some respects, the Spike-Fly resembled Ed Davidson's Terror Tops, especially with the spin top tips on its sides.


Metal Madness video

Willie-n-Jamie METAL MADNESS Dif-e-Yo Yo-yo

Willie-n-Jamie METAL MADNESS Dif-e-Yo Yo-yo

A YouTube video of Metal Madness uploaded by cornellouis.

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