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Dif-e-Yo Tank Right
Manufacturer Dif-e-Yo
Release date (please complete)
Shape Butterfly
Color Raw
Weight 67g, 75g with weight rings
Dimensions 53mm Diameter, 38mm Width
Material Aluminum
Bearing size KonKave (C)
Response system Dif-pads

The Tank is the 3rd yo-yo in the Dif-e-Yo Dif Series (yo-yos with the word Dif engraved on the axle stub), the first two being the Dif-e-Yo Bare Bones and the Dif-e-Yo Bone Chip.

The changes are subtle compared to the Bare Bones, with the yo-yo resembling the latter model in respect with the KonKave bearing and flush dif-pads, but the profile has been redesigned giving the yo-yo more rim weight than any of the previous Dif-e-Yo models. The design on the inner face is flat, allowing for a small amount of centre weight. In addition the axle stub has been shortened by 1/8" to allow more room for ring grinds.

There was also an edition released for the 2006 world yoyo competition, featuring a green anodized coating and detailed laser engraving.