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The Variant 1 was a limited production yo-yo made by Dif-e-Yo in 2015.


The Variant 1 is based on the Gladiator Slave, intended to be a more simplified, cleaner, and less labor-intensive design. The engraved design on the sides did not fit the intended cleaner and simpler results, so as a result, only two yo-yos of this design were made.

It is milled out of aluminum, like all Dif-e-Yo yo-yos, and features a C-sized KonKave bearing and is the second yo-yo to come stock with Dif-e-Yo's new silicone Dif-Binder response pads. It also comes with a set of rubber O-rings that could be added or removed from the yo-yo to adjust its weight, and by extension, its playing characteristics.