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image:Difwide.jpg|Retail version
image:Difwide.jpg|Retail version (from Dave Schulte's collection)

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Wide Load
Manufacturer Dif-e-Yo
Release date Collector: 2002/2003
Retail: N/A
Shape Butterfly
Color Raw Aluminum
Gold (Limited version)
Weight Basic (original): 54 grams
Combinations of weight rings and/or pogs (original): up to 72 grams
Basic (retail): 64 grams
With weight rings (retail): 71.5 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 54mm
Width: 40mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size .188"x.500" KonKave Bearing
Response system Collector/Limited: Friction Discs
Retail: Dif Pads
The Wide Load by Dif-e-Yo was originally released in late 2002/early 2003 as a collector model, of which fifty-five pieces were produced. Each Wide Load came with three sets of rubber weight rings (two black thick ones, and two sets of thin rings in red and black), five sets of interchangeable pogs (three sets of laminated paper pogs in yellow, orange, and flourescent, along with two clear lexan pogs, and two aluminum pogs anodized in black with laser engravings), a display stand, and a combination tool for adding/removing the weight rings and pogs. It also comes with Friction Disc response, and a string-centering KonKave bearing.

Using the weight rings and pogs, the player can adjust the Wide Load's weight up to a hefty 72 grams, for his or her own preferences. 

In addition, eleven 24k gold-plated limited edition Wide Loads were produced, and each one came in a mahogany box with a 24k gold-plated laser-engraved insert on the lid.

A retail player version was produced later on, which only came with one set of thick weight rings, but it also comes stock with Dif Pad response, as well as a string-centering KonKave bearing. The Wide Load-F, the current version of the yo-yo, features flush-mounted Dif Pads. There is also a limited number of a special edition of this model that features satin-finished rims, the first Dif-e-Yo to feature a satin finish, even if partially.


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