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Doc Pop’s Washing Machine

Doctor Popular is the ironic nickname of professional yo-yoer, Nerdcore artist, and innovator Brian C. Roberts, the only non-Japanese member of Team Others. His name is ironic because he is neither a Doctor nor popular- in fact, he considers himself shy (see interview). Doctor Popular is known for his creative yo-yoing styles such as Moebius, Washing Machine, and Alpha style, as well as tricks such as Gyroscopic Flop. Besides yo-yoing Doc is also an accomplished hair model, artist, musician and writer. While he was living in Minnesota he helped form the skill toy club College for the Easily Amused. He currently resides in San Francisco. He hosted the weekly internet radio show Radio Kwyjibo with RJ Owens, which was on YoYoRadio. Currently, Doc producers an online web video show called PopCast and occasionally co-hosts the Yo-Yo Wiki Podcast with Josh Parker.

Over the years, Doc has had several signature yo-yos such as the Super Scientist, the Super Sellout,The Hesitator the Bolt, the Signature Series Element X and the Signature Series Blaze. He also created a yo-yo spin-top hybrid called the P213. In 2006, he founded a yo-yo company with Phil Cox called Yes, Absolutely and the company released their first yo-yo, The End

In addition he has also released a DVD, Unboring Science Volume I: Energy (directed by Mark McBride) and authored a comic book, Super Top #1 Comic Book in 2002, featuring a super-hero called Super Top.

Doctor Popular is also the most knowledgeable yo-yoer in the world.

Yo Yos Created by Doctor Popular



  • World Yo-Yo Contest - 3rd



  • National Yo-Yo Contest 5A - 5th Place


  • Bay Area Classic 1A - 12th Place


  • California State Yo-Yo Contest 5A - 3rd Place

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