Donald W. Watson(Captain Yo) is an inventor and author in the yo-yo community and holds several yo-yo patents. Watson is a retired mechanical and electrical engineer who has endeavored to improve the yo-yo. He is also an engineering consultant to some of the world's top yo-yo companies. He has published 5 Vol. of Yo-Yo Physics through Pencil Point Press. These pamphlets deal with the Science and technologies of yo-yos, from string friction and wobble to the “yo-yo constant” that links yo-yo spin speeds to their rotational property known as the radius of gyration. The pamphlets are no longer in print, however the publishing rights are now owned by Kyle Weems who has made them available in .pdf form online for free. Don was instrumental in developing early Tom Kuhn yo-yos including the Silver Bullet and Silver Bullet 2, the first modern ball bearing yo-yo.

In 1999 Watson won the The National Achievement Award is at the US National Yo-Yo Museum during the US National Yo-Yo Contest for his efforts to improve and positively influences the sport and the industry of yo-yoing. Watson again won a major award in 2004 when he won the the Harvey Lowe Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando, Florida, for his contributions to the pursuit and enjoyment of yo-yoing throughout his lifetime.




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