Manufacturer Duncan
Release date Original: 2012
New: 2016
Shape Inverse Round
Color Various
Weight 66.6 grams (67.6 grams for 2016)
Dimensions Diameter: 56.02mm (56.03mm for 2016)
Width: 43.63mm (44.56mm for 2016)
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Original: Size C
2016: Size C KonKave
Response system Duncan SG Stickers (large bearing)

The Barracuda by Duncan is a yo-yo first released in 2012 as part of the Screaming Eagle series, and was designed by and is a signature series model of Rafael Matsunaga.


The Barracuda, as a Screaming Eagle series yo-yo, has had to be well-designed and well-built, especially for a competition-level setting. It features an aluminum, H-shaped Inverse Round body keeping the string away from the inner walls during play. It has a lightweight feeling when thrown down and is very stable and responsive to the professional player's commands. This makes it great for long trick combos. It also features SG Sticker response and a large C-bearing. The yo-yo also comes included with a Monkey Weight to give players the option of using the Barracuda for 5A (Freehand/Counterweight) play.

The yo-yo was unveiled at the 2012 Worlds, and used by Hank Freeman to win 1st Place in the 3A Division. The Barracuda was also used by Hank Freeman, Isaac Sams, and Tomas Bubak at the Triple Crown of Yo-Yo, where Freeman and Sams both won 1st Place, along with Bubak finishing in 2nd Place. János Karancz had also used a Barracuda to win 1st Place at the 2013 Worlds in the 1A Division. In short, this yo-yo is a real contender in international- and world-level competitions in the right hands. 2014 saw the Barracuda providing the basis for the Triumph, and in 2015, the Bassacuda.

In 2016, a re-design of the Barracuda was developed with concave hubs on the sides to allow for finger spins, in addition to a Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing. The new Barracuda has been given a pre-release debut at the 2016 EYYC. It was given a wider retail release in early July 2016.

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