The Bassacuda is a yo-yo by Duncan first released in October 2015. It is the latest signature series yo-yo of Sebastian Brock.


Duncan Toys worked closely with Sebastian Brock on this yo-yo, and after a year of prototyping, it was perfected for Sebby's fast, precise, and innovative playing style. Based on the Barracuda of 2012, all aspects of the Bassacuda's profile are redesigned, with the exception of the rims, to make it closer to a Step Straight profile with a bit of roundness. It is also a bit wider, to make it easier to land on the string in advanced tricks.

The yo-yo has a powerful spin on the throw, complimented by a solid yet bouncy feel on the string. Its weight distribution allows for excellent stability and spin time, along with great speed through even extended and complex trick combos. With a smooth grind finish, a KonKave C-bearing from Dif-e-Yo with SG Sticker response (made with an improved formula), and clean laser engravings, the Bassacuda is ready for whatever the player throws at it.


  • The Bassacuda is named and colored in reference to the CLYW Bassalope, Sebby's first signature series yo-yo back when he had first joined the CLYW player team.