The Echo by Duncan is a yo-yo released in 2011 as part of the De-Luxxe series.


The Echo is an aluminum yo-yo featuring a rounded H-shape for comfortable holding and longer spins. Its defining feature is a set of grooves machined on the yo-yo's catch zone that reduce friction when the player performs grinding tricks with it, similar to the Projection Profile of the One Drop Project.

Excellent for grinding, and suited for a more relaxed playing style, the Echo also features concave hubs on the sides for finger spins. It can also accommodate the same type of side caps as those used by the FH Zero. The yo-yo also comes included with two clear side caps. By extension, this makes it compatible with Performance Rings. It also features a large C-bearing and SG Sticker response.

It had seen considerable use in a competitive setting, especially in the hands of players such as Kota Watanabe, and several editions were released of it. In 2014, the Echo gained a successor model in the form of the Echo 2.