Exit 8
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2011
Shape Inverse Round
Color Blue
Weight 62.6 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 52.42mm
Width: 42.64mm
Material Aluminum
Bearing size Size A Duncan
Response system Duncan Silicone Stickers (small bearing)

The Exit 8 by Duncan is a yo-yo released in 2011 as part of the Screaming Eagle series. It is the first signature series yo-yo of Takeshi Kamisato.


Takeshi Kamisato is renowned for his yo-yo modifications, those which played a significant part in the design and development of modern yo-yos. His first signature series yo-yo, the Exit 8, designed by members of Duncan Crew U.S.A. and produced as part of the high-end Screaming Eagle series, was based on some of his most famous mods.

An aluminum Inverse Round body profile with recessed Silicone Sticker response to alleviate sleep loss and allow for advanced unresponsive tricks, along with an A-sized ball bearing axle for long sleep times. A yo-yo like the Exit 8 would have used a much larger C-bearing, considering its design, but the reason why an A-bearing is used is that they spin with a much higher RPM. The yo-yo's shape smoothens out to a rounded wing, making it more comfortable to hold in the user's hand in addition to minimizing sleep loss. The Exit 8 is also compatible with the FHZ's side caps.



  • The yo-yo's name comes from Exit 8 on the H2, which leads to Wahiawa, Hawaii, which is where Takeshi originally came from.