The Flipside by Duncan is a yo-yo released as part of the Hardcore series in 2012. It was first showcased at the 2012 Worlds.


The Duncan Flipside is a yo-yo with a polycarbonate body that has a combination Inverse-Round/H-Profile shape that makes it comfortable to hold and longer spinning. It features a pair of flippable spacers and comes included with two ball bearings for different levels of play.

The Flipside comes included with a standard A-bearing for intermediate tricks, and for professional-level play, a licensed Dif-e-Yo KonKave C-bearing. The gimmick, is that the user would flip the reversible spacers to use either the small or large bearing, depending on how they are positioned in the yo-yo and the desired skill level.

Of course, it also features large-bearing SG Sticker response. Because it uses the same type of side cap system as the widely-acclaimed FH Zero and the like, the Flipside is also compatible with the Performance Ring system.

There are also three special edition colors released at the 2012 U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest in red, white, and yellow with special white side caps with the contest logo on them.


  • The second Duncan yo-yo to have reversible spacers is the Skyhawk.



Duncan Flipside feat

Duncan Flipside feat. Brandon Jackson