Flying Panda
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2005-2006
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight 66 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 65.6mm
Width: 43mm
String Gap Width: Adjustable via spacers
Trapeze Width: 40mm
Material Plastic with rubber rims and laminated paper pogs
Bearing size Size A Duncan
Response system Duncan Friction Stickers

The Flying Panda is the first offstring yo-yo produced by Duncan as part of the Hardcore series, designed by none other than Steve Brown himself. This yo-yo is based off of the Freehand 2, but with over-molded soft rubber rims on the outside. As with the Freehand 2, the Flying Panda features a ball bearing for long sleep times and Friction Sticker response. It also comes with two sets of spacers (two thin and two thick), which the user could mix or match for adjusting the string gap. Alongside yo-yos such as the YoYoJam Aquarius, the Flying Panda was one of the most popular and commonly used offstring models of its time until the advent of delrin models such as the Japan Technology Kamui.


  • It is one of two Duncan yo-yos to have the word "Flying" in its name, the other being the Flying Squirrel.


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