Flying Squirrel
Flying squirrel
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2005
Shape Butterfly
Color Various
Weight Adjustable up to 66 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 53mm
Width: 34mm
Material Plastic
Bearing size Size A Duncan
Response system Friction Stickers overlapping starbursts

The Flying Squirrel by Duncan is an undersized plastic ball bearing yo-yo released as part of the Hardcore series. It is an improved version of the Mosquito, featuring an adjustable weight system under its side caps, similar to that of the older Ballistic yo-yo. The weight setting can be adjusted up to 66 grams, comparable to the earlier releases of the Screaming Eagle series. As with the Mosquito, it features a hybrid response system consisting of starbursts with Friction Stickers placed over them. It is generally recommended to remove one of the Friction Stickers for smoother, low-responsive play.

The yo-yo also comes included with a character counterweight for 5A (Freehand) play depicting the yo-yo's mascot, an anthropomorphic squirrel dressed up as a stuntman.


  • The mascot's appearance is a nod to Rocket J. Squirrel, one of the titular characters of the classic Jay Ward cartoon series, Rocky and Bullwinkle.


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