Freehand Al
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date 2013
Shape Butterfly
Color Silver
Weight 69-70 grams (64.5 without side caps)
Dimensions Diameter: 57.08mm
Width: 41.08mm
Material Aluminum with plastic side caps
Bearing size Size C
Response system Duncan SG Stickers (large bearing)

The Freehand Al by Duncan is a yo-yo in the De-Luxxe series released in 2013. It is a high-end aluminum version of the popular FH Zero.


For over 10 years, there had been a call for a metal version of the Freehand. There had been the Metal Zero and the Metal Drifter, both of which were similar to the FH Zero in profile, but failed to meet players' expectations. There was also the Freehand Mg of 2004, which despite being a faithful metal reproduction of the Freehand, was too expensive for most players at its MSRP of $400-$450.

At the 2013 U.S. National Yo-Yo Contest, Duncan unveiled a true metal version of the FH Zero, in the form of the Freehand Al, made of aluminum. Using the periodic element symbol for aluminum, the yo-yo's name and side cap graphics pay homage to the older Freehand Mg. Compared to the small bearing plastic FH Zero, the Al's string gap width is slightly on the wide side, as so to accommodate a large C-bearing and silicone SG Sticker response. The yo-yo is also manufactured in Japan to the highest standards.

It uses the same side cap system as the FH Zero, so the user can use whatever ones he/she would like on the yo-yo to customize its look. This also makes the yo-yo compatible with the Performance Ring system.