Freehand Pro
Manufacturer Duncan
Release date First Run: 2015 (Disney World Duncan kiosk only)
Second Run: January 2016
Shape Inverse Round
Color White with Green or Blue side caps (Pre-Production/First Run)
Translucent Red with Blue side caps (YoYoTricks.Com exclusive)
Light Blue with White side caps (AP 2016 edition)
Neon Green with Black side caps (Team Hornet Edition)
Neon Orange
Neon Green
Red with Orange side caps (TAKA Edition, Spingear exclusive)
Pink with Light Pink side caps (Sakura Edition)
Lime with Blue side caps
Red with White side caps
Blue with Black side caps
Purple with White side caps
Black with Red side caps (YoYoExpert Edition)
Tokyo Rain (slightly dirty clear)
Smoke Black with Beige caps
Light Blue with Neon Pink and Orange side caps
Weight 63.9 grams
Dimensions Diameter: 58mm
Width: 43.4mm
Material Plastic (polycarbonate)
Bearing size Size C KonKave
Response system Duncan SG Stickers (large bearing)
The Freehand Pro is a yo-yo released sometime in 2016 by Duncan.

It features a three-stepped Inverse Round profile designed after yo-yos such as the Barracuda, making for minimal sleep loss during play. It also features a KonKave bearing and SG Sticker response (made with a new formula) for unresponsive play. As with any yo-yo in the Freehand series, it comes included with a counterweight for 5A play. Compared to its predecessors, its performance is definitely meant for competition-level play but can still be played casually. It is also compatible with Duncan's Performance Rings.

The first run, released in 2015, was limited to only 200 opaque white-bodied units; 100 with blue side caps, and 100 with green side caps. The units with the blue caps were distributed exclusively to Duncan team members and associates, while the green-capped units were distributed for sale at Disney World's Duncan Toys kiosk in October of 2015.

In January 2016, the first general retail release of the yo-yo, colored in translucent red with blue side caps was released exclusively at YoYoTricks.Com. In early July 2016, a special edition of the yo-yo was released exclusively at the Asia-Pacific Yo-Yo Championships. Later that summer, new colorways of the yo-yo were released.


Pre-Production/1st Run Model

Final Model


Duncan Toys Presents Viktor Kollar feat

Duncan Toys Presents Viktor Kollar feat. Freehand Pro

FH Pro promo vid feat. Victor Kollar. Video by the official Duncan Toys YouTube Channel